See what our customers are saying about Jeff Albert Roofing, Inc...

"They did an excellent job matching the color..."

There were about 100 roof tiles that were replaced. They did an excellent job matching the color and for the front they took tiles from the peak so the color would match perfectly. There were also some tiles that needed to be repaired.

- Mary Jane White

"I was stunned..."

This company came as I thought I had a roof leak. After doing an evaluation he stated "It is not your roof but your air conditioner is overflowing from condensation", He didn't charge me even though he drove to my home and did the assessment. I was stunned. I have since called him back as I lost some roofing tiles after a storm and he will fix them. I know his price will be fair as he is a very fair roofer.

Roberta Hammond

"...I would recommend them for any job."

Jeff replaced a 35 year old concrete tile roof with a 5v 24 gauge metal roof.  There were 2 flat roofs plus over 5500sf of concrete tile.  They tore off the old roof, replaced 18 sheets of rotted plywood and additional wood for structural issues.  The new roof has a premium peel and stick underlay. Jeff and his crew are by far the most responsive, honest and professional group I have ever dealt with.  Jeff explained all procedures prior to the reroof.  My neighbors are asking who did the job since they were so professional removing all debris from the property each day.  Was a great experience and I would recommend them for any job.

- Frank Pietrucha

"He was by far the best..."

I must say, having used contractors on many different occasions in my  70 year lifetime, HE WAS BY FAR THE BEST. Considering my need to go up north and the constant rain, which made doing and finishing the job even harder then it should be, Jeff Albert and his different specialized crews, did a really outstanding job. He was patient with me and my questions and schedule, got the job done under difficult conditions, and went above and beyond what you would expect from a good contractor. Although not the cheapest of the numerous contractors I got estimates from, he was competitive and had good references from Angie's list as well as other homeowner in my  housing  development. I really can't say in words how very pleased I was to find such a knowledgeable, honest and dedicated contractor. If you need a roofer, he is the one you should choose.

- Abraham Bronstein

"...did a great job."

We really liked him. He was courteous and was very professional. He just did a great job. We're very happy with him.
- Tessa Reynolds


He was honest. He had integrity and was prompt when he arrived. So far everything is fine. Other people were telling us that we basically needed to take our house apart but he said we didn't and guaranteed his work.

Ann Fern

"...efficient and competent."

It's been a real pleasure to deal with a company that is efficient and competent. Thanx again for your expeditous handlilng of this matter.

Sue Schmer